Patron Saints are a particular group of holy people who lived extraordinary lives. "Saint" comes from the Latin word "sanctus," which translates to "holy."

They are women and men who have lived their lives in such a way as to be rewarded with the Kingdom of God. They lived exemplary lives, providing us with examples to follow. Angels can also be named as Patron Saints.

The Blessed Virgin Mary may be taken as a Patroness of any good activity. She is exemplified as the Patroness of all humanity.

Based on the passage of their lives and the situations surrounding them, Saints serve as role models whose lives are worthy of imitation.

Patron Saints are chosen as special protectors or guardians over areas of oneís life, occupations, illnesses, causes, churches, countries, anything that is important to us.

Patron Saints can help you when you follow the example of a Saintís life and inspire us with another reason for faithfully following Christ.

Images of Saints bring solace to homes, offices, wherever they are placed.

"God vividly manifests to men his presence and his face. He speaks to us in them and gives us a sign of his Kingdom, to which we are powerfully drawn, surrounded as we are by so many witnesses." (Hebrew 12:1)

"When we pray to God for others, we are interceding for that person during their crisis. Catholics and others do not pray to saints or statues. The pictures of a Saint or a statue merely call to mind reflection. The act of calling on a Saint for intercession and assistance is about meditation on the life experiences of the Saint that you can relate to, thereby bringing to you awareness and enlightenment. Of course you can talk to God directly." - Dr. Standley